To empower everyone to take advantage of the power of technology to experience a better life.


Automation and artificial intelligence will revolutionise the world. Although some are pessimistic about the impact, we are optimistic that positive change can be delivered through the sustainable and ethical application of these technologies.


Our mission is to create innovative technology that ethically and sustainably augments human abilities to achieve decent work for all.


We believe in the continuous improvement of our people, products and processes. We are determined to push the boundaries of innovation to create new solutions to global challenges. We build products that just work, on which our customers can rely. We believe the biggest challenges can be overcome through teamwork. We show leadership in building a future that is ethical and sustainable. We believe in being efficient and helping others to be more productive.  We believe in win-win situations, that success doesn’t mean that someone else has to fail. We believe that the best way to achieve success is to first support others.